1st T20 – CSK vs KKR IPL 2011 Highlights

Indian Premier League – 1st match

Chennai Super Kings v Kolkata Knight Riders

Chennai Super Kings won by 2 runs


Part 1

Part 2

Presentations time
Anirudha is Man of the Match: “Got a chance to open after a long time and I liked it. , no I did not bat like my dad, I took my time to get in and play my shots! . We thought 160 was a good total and we eventually got there. Initially I was trying to pace myself, and later I was trying to hit it too hard. Could have paced myself better and got 10-15 more runs.” Shastri calls him Junior Cheeka. Oh boy, star kids will never have it easy, whether they do well or not.
Dhoni: “It was a first game with a new team, and you get a new car and you want to break it in, but you don’t want to ‘break it’. Even if we did not win this game, we would have got a lot out of it. The fielding was very good .. Tim bowled well, Randiv and Raina did well, and Ashwin as always was brilliant. When they had around 70 after the first 7-8 overs, people may have thought the game was over, but I said this is when it begins since the pitch will slow up. For the last ball, I was confused since it was like having two options – yorker outside off, or yorker at the legs.. I decided on the latter, since with the field we had, a boundary would have been possible only if he played a great shot through midwicket .. And it came off!”
Gambhir: “We tried our best, 150 was a par score and we should have chased it .. But this is what T20 is all about, you set a platform, but things can change. It is a long tournament, long way to go. Holding myself back was just one of those strategies we tried, but it did not work. We can take a lot of confidence from this game, our attack will only get better when Lee and Shakib come.”
Southee: “Different batsmen, different game plans, so length balls to start the overs and yorkers later. We took some time to think about the last ball instead of rushing through it, we worked out our options and went for the right one with the field in the end.”
Sairam: “How did i know Morkel’s final 2 balls would make a difference in the end?”
Sumit: “Could someone tell me what’s the atmosphere in Kolkata like? Fireworks??? Maybe…”
Praneeth: “Please dont remind me of the last two balls faced by albie…heart break again for kkr….”
Ben: “How good has life been for Southee’s recently. One of the top bowlers in the WC, Alan Donald says you good be the worlds best swing bowler, he secures a lucritive IPL contract and now bowls the winning over.”
Win-I: “Dhoni, I got an interview on Monday,can U crack it for me. Im sure you can get nothing wrong.”
Another Ben: “Let’s have some credit to a young man with a cool head from NZ, please.”
Paragordius: “Holy Cow! What are u made of Mr. Dhoni? Do you practice Black arts or something.. I don’t believe it!”
Mohan: “KKR should rename itself to KFR: Kolkata Fright Riders. Scared themselves silly after Kallis got out!” Ouch.
Abraham: “Get that guy Hasselhoff into your team “Knight Riders” !!! 4 year in a row, they havent figured out how to get it started up!!! Maybe he can help.”
Sriram Dayanand on Twitter: “KKR need Buchanan. And four captains.”
Sree: “Dhoni gave up his hair not his tricks!”
Viral Patel: “MAN OF THE MATCH: GANGULY’s GHOST. He snatched defeat out of the JAWS of VICTORY from KKR :)” Hahaha!


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